What can regular chiropractic adjustments do for your body & overall well-being?

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, we’re sure you have a lot of questions. You may have heard your friends sing a few praises or you may have always wanted to try it out, but aren’t sure what you’ll actually feel other than a few “cracks.” It’s so much more than that, and here’s why.

1. Preventative Pain Management

Daily, our bodies undergo stress and pressure that may be causing what are called “micro injuries” that we typically ignore until they are severely affecting us. They’re most common in those who have physically demanding jobs, rigorous schedules or are athletically active. If left alone, these small dysfunctions in our musculoskeletal system will eventually cause us to get sick or endure more serious injuries. Chiropractic can address them early on.

2. Relaxation

Stress relief is one of the most sought after affects of many treatments today, but one of the lesser-known benefits of chiropractic. We often don’t remember to pay attention to the impact our schedules are having on our bodies. When your muscular, nervous and skeletal systems are tense and misaligned, then it’s likely that you are, too, especially the nervous system, which is responsible for all of the communication that occurs in your body. Once your body is balanced, you will feel more able to manage your stress and may also have an increase in mood.

3. Improved Posture

We’ve all caught ourselves slumped over at the computer keyboard or the dinner table and realized “Wow, my posture is awful!” But overall posture has a lot more to do with your general alignment than just the positioning of your shoulders. How you carry yourself every day has a huge impact on how your body functions. Chiropractic will work to pinpoint where your spine is not moving properly and address your stance, height differences, tilting, curvatures and outward or inward turning to help you work toward standing stronger.

4. Optimum Body Performance

We could go on for hours about the benefits of chiropractic treatment for your body, but some of the most impacting include increased oxygenation, improved circulation, muscle spasm reduction, decrease in the level of lactic acid, enhanced flexibility, and a more efficient delivery of nutrients to your cells, which leads to a faster recovery time.

5. Pain Relief & Elimination

Ideally, chiropractic works to keep your health in top shape rather than going to the doctor when you already are experiencing various symptoms, but it will work to reverse them, too. It is our philosophy to address the root cause of your pain and get you to your healthiest by starting with root of all of your bodily functions: your spine. Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are common issues we address, but many don’t realize that an adjustment in the spine also can not just relieve, but ultimately treat pain in your hips, knees, and throughout the rest of your body.